“…You are my companions but they are my beloved…”

I have never met you

but I am your beloved

Your love is within me

It is stamped with faith

It is eternal love

It is love that

Cannot be taught

Nor is it theoretical love

It is Love that

Praises your message

Increases with your mention

I abide by your teaching

And I sacrifice my parents for you

So they plot to separate us

Offend you to manipulate us

They think our love can be broken

I tell them little do they know

No Tsunami can weaken our love

No Hurricane Katrina can blow our love

So hear me when I say

His dignity is my dignity

His honour is my honour

Yes this love is outraged

by the recent events

But in his manners we have great example

For his manners was the Quran

So I never met you

But as I grab hold of the Book

Your Sunnah and manners

I strive to be your beloved


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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