These doors, these changing rooms
These short gown, I’ve been through it all, new dressings, new crutches, learning to walk.
And you who saw me fled in tears
You held my hand and told me its ok
Helping me take that step
With my extra legs, never got to say thank you, and your face I fail to recall!
Who knew I will overcome it all
The fracture clinic, the rheumatology and that orthopaedics!
So Dr Edwin, don’t mind me if I sigh under my breath
Narrating my case with zero interest, I wished you checked the notes, it’s the only homework you got, so yes it hurts when I walk, when I lay, when I use stairs, and yes dislocated it before and stress fractured it, yes I know, it doesn’t make sense!
So what now? Give me a minute you said!
See you in six weeks


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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