Would you

Would you be there
When my soul is lifted to He
Would you pray for me
Whisper my name to the
Wounded congregation
and count my deeds
Would you relieve my debts
And carry my scented body
Honour me and bury me
Would you cry me a river
Each time my name rebirth
And picture me deep in the cemetery
I am here, longing for your prayers, as you place flowers upon me,
And reciting Fatiha on my soul
I watch your every step, how you keep ties with those that I love
How you give charity so
I’m forgiven for all the pain that
I inflicted and all the hurt that I caused!



About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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2 Responses to Would you

  1. Rivera says:

    Very thought provoking.. My mind will dwell on this for some time.

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