For ten years I have mourned your absence. 
Since your soul have ascended into His Mercy, 
Each second of each day rebirths the memory of my grief.

Yes, I deserve to see you in my dreams.
My hands can kiss your chest,
Pump life into your heart

I will exhale all of me in prayers, until
In rescuing you
I rescue me

photo (4)

On 3rd Jan 2003 my beloved father has passed away. Dad may you rest in peace and be grated heaven amen. To Him we all belong & to Him we all shall return.

Painting by the talented Ahmed Yoses


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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5 Responses to Father

  1. Rivera says:

    Beautiful.. Absolutely beautiful..!!
    May his soul rest in peace.. And your heart find rest.

  2. Saeed Said says:

    Very beautiful poem!! Ma sha Allah
    May Allah rest his soul and find you peace one day;-)

  3. very deep and moving as is your writings are. you are deep.. blessings and peace

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