If matters was in my hand
And custom was a thing of the past
I would wait until full Moon
And travel to our hill, hold your hand
I will smile to melt your soul
And as nature surround us
Let this soil that we came from
And to it we shall return
bare witness
Let the sky
bare witness
Let the cloud
bare witness
Let the years that greyed my hair
And the wrinkles that age me
Bare witness
that this women in me
Who drew you near her, so you
Can hear every heart beat in her tone
So you smell the aftermath of our
Cold War scented on my
African dress, it’s your
Favourite dress, I wore it twice
Once back then when you have
Mistaken me for qurbani, and now
As I take matters in my hand
Bare witness
that I am leaving you
To wash off this dress of it’s
Of me
And of you


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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