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Few weeks ago, I have stumbled upon a job advert that sounded like too good to be true. Utility Aid is hiring, and their aim is to find somebody whose mission it will be to share his or her helpfulness with a different charity or third sector organisation each week for a year. That person will take on the role of National Philanthropy Manager at ua. What is more interesting is that they are not following a traditional way of recruitment but rather applicants are requested to record 30-45 seconds video showing them why he or she is the person for the job.

I have e-mailed few awesome friends of mine for helping hand. They were amazing to assist me with my creative storyboard and even a friend of mine helped me write a rhyming poem for the video script.

Special thanks to Rose, Umar, Mohammad, Rooful Ali, Ifrah, Ibrahim, Sara, Ayesha, Id and Kate Stanworth who all contributed in one way or another.

When I recorded the video, the entire poem came to one minute, so had to cut few stanzas to ensure the video journey is captured creatively. I also had a shot, where I was searching the job on google and reading about the job then clicking to apply. That shot also needed to be removed due to time guidelines. After seeking permission from the job recruiter,  I also wanted to include the charities who will benefit from this project plus UA’s partners, however I had no seconds left to include that. It made me realise that it isn’t about including everything you want in the video but working with the time you have, to ensure your character shine though.


Me checking the job site |

I am very pleased with the result, and I have just applied and uploaded my video on the website. It is creative, professional and hope you can indeed see my character and smile shining through. Let me know what you think, comment here.

Please check it out and share it with your contacts via all social channels. I need your vote and support.

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I just voted for @samra_said for the @nicestjob. She has everything that @UA_Energy is looking for. Please vote for her now at

Much love and respect



Here is the full poem

For ten years my work and passion has been charity,
Campaigning, fundraising and managing with clarity,
From St. Johns Ambulance to Somali Relief,
You’ll be amazed at the wonders I’ve seen.

I travelled to Istanbul, Dubai and Aruba
Amazing places but yet to see Cuba
I cycle for miles and play the Oud too
I write poetry and volunteer to bring change for me and you

Whether its living below the line or ‘go green’ protests
Anything it takes to make the world notice,
Inspiring, volunteering, compelling action,
Through marvellous campaigns which have gained traction.

This task for life is my idea of perfection,
To lend a helping hand with affection
Working together to inspire charity,
Bringing hope in this time of austerity.

I am Samra an ethically driven soul
Hire me to enhance your goals
In appreciating, analysing and taking action
So that our partners and charities attain satisfaction


Here are some of the photos that appear in the video


‘Educate a Girl: Empower a Woman’ Talk at Somali Week Festival 2014. Photo by Kate Stanworth


At my Oud class.


Pre Tour de Salah Cycling ride with Made in Europe


Event hosting Taqasim Music School Annual concert on Friday 27th June 2014, at St. Ethelburga’s Centre, in London. It was an evening dedicated to the Iraqi Maqam on the Oud. Photo by Sy

living below the line

Promoting Live Below the Line project


SRDF sponsoring Ramadan Tent project in 2013. Ramadan Tent is an award winning student led initiative aiming to participate in social change by creating bridges between individuals, bringing together communities, and fostering interfaith dialogue.


Green up – Made in Europe event. Photo by Rooful Ali

collage (1)

Friends and Supporters in London & Ayesha at Aruba with love


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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