Su’aal – Question

Who do I become tomorrow? Will I be the poet that sing metaphor on your storytelling lips! Or will I bury myself back into your Adam’s rib for my soul will not bare the silence of your frown

Teach me now
How to ink in words
Show me new ways to use the
Alphabet for I’m illiterate, Like the nomad, 1970 sent you to school
I am the orphan you taught under the Qudhac tree, my fingers are scarred
From the echo of your chalks
Your efforts aren’t in vain!

I am the graduate of your poetry
Your letters are save with me
Each syllable and vowel are equal
As I mould them into my soul

I fell for every su’aal you asked that morning you made guddi witness your promises in the name of God ‘Yasin’.

Do not rest for the she-camel in me
That milked you prosperity, can chant war on you, don’t abandon me

I become tomorrow; the Hawa’ I am today.


Note: su’aal means question
Guddi means committee


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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2 Responses to Su’aal – Question

  1. Does the poem belong to you?
    Secondly, what does guddi mean?

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