I am a woman, half nomad and half warrior 
Today is all I experience and tomorrow bring it’s challenges 
As we hike Las Anod
For the desert to vow our union 
I test you in the language of prose 
Let your poetry entertains our metaphor 
But I show you the
stars in the daylight 
And they grey your rhyme and intellect 

I say, hold on let’s faith this water
Don’t take a sip before
Rinsing your mouth 

I say, take note, our feet 
thirst for air, let’s rest here

I ask you my love, is the infrastructure 
Of this town standing still or falling apart 

But my patience tires
as your friend unlock the codes
Of my wisdom, so my feminine moon
Doesn’t desire to tribe from you 

I am a woman
Half nomad and 
Half warrior 
And the Hawa in me can’t wed
a foolish man in the name of love 


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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