21 years of permanent pain

Srebrenica was the biggest act of genocide – on Europe soil which shamed not only Europebut the world for that matter. This year marks 21 years since the #Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia. The 8,372 victims of genocide – especially the young – represent a lost generation who never had the opportunity to fulfill their opportunity. 


It’s 21 years of permanent pain

21 years of searching for answers 

21 years of gathering the pieces 

21 years and this story is not yet over

21 years of identifying bodies 

21 years of burying bodies

21 years of missing bodies 

21 years of mourning 

21 years of seeking justice  

21 years of fighting prejudice

21 years of tackling hatred 

21 years of remembrance 

21 years of despite all the odd

They are standing strong

They are defeating hate with love

They are the survivors

The mothers

A nation united by pain. 

A nation that pledge daily to heal the past so their people and generations can have a present and a future filled with peace and harmony.


About Samra

Poet and fundraiser for humanitarian causes. Lives in London
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